Fallout 4 Bobbleheads

To achieve each bobblehead location in Fallout 4, you have to collect the perk points first and then invest those perk points for level up. The bonus limit can be different depending upon the stats “Intelligence” which would give you another 3% Experience. Some bobbleheads have more power and great to take you to 11 points depending on your build. It totally depends on which armor suit you choose to compete and how far you can with your player. Endurance can make a large impact on player life and power, however, you can save a life for the later stages and quests in your play if you intend to max that stat. Read the mentioned below guide to learn more about Fallout 4 Bobbleheads and each stat for your Character. 

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There are 20 bobblehead locations in Fallout 4 that are mentioned below and can be used during the game. 

Strength Perception Endurance Charisma
Intelligence Agility Luck Barter
Big Guns Energy Weapons Explosives Lockpicking
Medicine Melee Repair Science
Small Guns Sneak Speech Unarmed

Once you’ve returned after events transpire, get the ‘You’re Special!’ book in Sanctuary Hills to further proceed in the game. You can add +1 to any of the SPECIAL stats after finding the book in Shaun’s bedroom. But, it will not let you take one to 11 because of various restrictions. That’s how you can find all the Fallout 4 Bobbleheads.

Where are All 20 Bobbleheads in Fallout 4?

You can find all the bobbleheads locations in Fallout that are mentioned below along with their locations

  • Strength Bobblehead – Mass Fusion Building
  • Sneak Bobblehead – Dunwich Borers
  • Small Guns Bobblehead – Gunners Plaza
  • Unarmed Bobblehead – Atom Cats Garage
  • Science Bobblehead – Malden Middle School Inside Vault 75
  • Repair Bobblehead – Corvega Assembly Plant
  • Perception Bobblehead – Museum of Freedom
  • Melee Bobblehead – Trinity Tower
  • Endurance Bobblehead – Poseidon Energy
  • Medicine Bobblehead – Vault 81
  • Speech Bobblehead – Park Street Station Inside Vault 114
  • Lock Picking Bobblehead – Pickman Gallery
  • Energy Weapon Bobblehead – Fort Hagen
  • Charisma Bobblehead – Parsons State Insane Asylum
  • Big Guns Bobblehead – Vault 95
  • Explosives Bobblehead – Saugus Ironworks
  • Barter Bobblehead – Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery
  • Intelligence Bobblehead – Boston Public Library
  • Agility Bobblehead – Wreck Of The FMS Northern Star
  • Luck Bobblehead – Spectacle Island

What are the Bobbleheads for in Fallout 4?


Bobbleheads are basically different locations in the game that grant bonuses, points, and also improves your skills, and add powers to your SPECIAL skills. You can also get various bobbleheads without any quest or mission such as Strength and can find Perception Bobblehead behind Preston Garvey.   

What Happens if you Sell Bobbleheads in Fallout 4?

By collecting bobbleheads, we get points and bonuses. If we sell these bobbleheads, you will not be able to build a stand in your settlement area to show off your achievements. You cannot use the special materials specially designed to build and hold bobbleheads.

Do you have to keep the Bobbleheads in Fallout 4?


Nope, it totally depends on you whether you want to keep the bobbleheads or not. You cannot show your achievements if you sell or drop your bobbleheads during the quests or different missions.

Where to Find Intelligence Bobblehead Fallout 4?


You can find the Intelligence Bobblehead in Boston Public Library in the East-Central Commonwealth of Diamond City. After entering the library, look for the largest computer in the north-eastern corner where you’ll find it sitting atop.