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Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands

Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands: Only during the launch of a Bethesda game can the tilde key (~) become a source of almighty power. By triggering the in-game console, PC players of Fallout 4 can initiate a whole slew of cheat controls to change their match experience, for better or worse. Within this Fallout 4 cheats manual, we have compiled a list of present Fallout 4 console commands and their following functions.

Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands

Should you instead require assistance with any other areas of the game which doesn’t console controls, then make certain to check out our Fallout 4 manuals walkthrough hub, comprising walkthrough posts for quests and regions, in addition to the locations of rare and special items. Here below you can read about Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands & Fallout 4 cheats for Game.

Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands
Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands

The Way to Activate Fallout 4 Console Commands:

To trigger Fallout 4’s in-game console, simply press the tilde key on the keyboard, just beside the”1″ key at the upper left corner. If the tilde does not work keyboards may require the key rather. Tapping the tilde brings a gray console on the lower half of the game display which may be used to enter commands that are various up. These commands can be used to control the game. Players add amounts of items to their inventory resurrect or can kill enemies, and allow god mode.

Bear in mind that some of those commands can be. As a security precaution, be certain you make a file to revert back to before using these commands goes awry. Have fun!

Fallout 4 Cheats – PC Console Commands

Each entry below indicates the consequence of the command, and the command to be entered into the console. Notice: you don’t have to type the brackets when entering these to the console.

tgm – God mode, for complete invulnerability.

tcl – No collision with objects. Walkthrough walls, or nearly anywhere else.

tai – Turns off AI. Causes all characters to become immobile.

Tcai – Turns off battle AI. In the end, world peace!

Killall – Kills off everybody in the surrounding region, except for Companions and other vital characters, who will rather flop to the floor needing a stimpak.

Kill [insert ID] – Kills the monster of the ID suggested.

Resurrect [insert ID] – resurrects the monster indicated.

Setgs fJumpHeightMin [insert number] – Allows players to change their jump height based on the added number. Higher numbers result in jumps. However, you will be still killed by the autumn damage from leaps, so make certain to enable god mode.

Player.setav speedmult [insert amount ] – A multiplier is added to your running speed, dependent on the added number.

Player.forceav carryweight [insert amount ] – Boost carry weight capacity by the suggested number. No longer!

Setscale [insert number from 1 to 10] – Increases the size of your goal, or yourself, depending on the suggested number. As you can see in our screenshot above this control makes matters enormous.

Tfc – Activates the flycam, which is fantastic for aerial screenshots.

tm – Toggles the UI and HUD off and on. This command will keep you. Press the tilde and type’tm’ to retrieve the UI. Use this in combination with the control for screenshots.

Sexchange – Gives your character a gender change, obviously. As soon as you revert back, your character appears to revert to the default style meaning you lose hair customizations and your face. Create a backup save before attempting this command only in case.

Player.additem [insert thing ID] [insert amount ] – This is the control formulation to add items to your inventory based on the amount indicated by the added number. This will work for almost any item. Here are two examples:

Player.additem 0000000f 2500 – Adds 2500 Bottlecaps into your stock (alter the desired amount ).
Player.additem 0000000a 2500 – Adds 2500 Bobby Pins into the player’s stock (again, change the amount ).
Coc qasmoke – Teleports the player to a hazy, dreamlike room using a collection of boxes which contain all things in the game. There is also a lineup of various workbenches and Power Armor. You can use it as a opportunity, although you ca travel from the world that is bizarre. To work out the ID of an item, open the console and then click the item with your mouse. This command may be useful in combination.

Set timescale to [insert amount ] – Can accelerate or slow downtime. With real-time being 1 the game defaults to 16. Time is probably slowed down by numbers.

Tdetect – Causes AI to no longer discover you. A pickpocket’s fantasy!

Player.setav [ability ] [amount ] – Boost a specific skill from the indicated number amount. By way of instance,”player.setav charisma 10″ would raise your charisma by 10 skill points.

Player.setlevel [insert amount ] – Bump up your character’s level to the amount indicated.

Caqs – This will complete all steps of the principal pursuit, completing the main store immediately. Caution: this will basically spoil the whole game. Use this command or on a character as soon as you’ve finished the game yourself.

These are the console commands that gamers have found up to now, and there will be added to this list as they’re found in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to use these commands before using any of them and make a copy of your game save the file, just in case.

Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands
Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands

Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands For Console:

A console is a tool in the Windows version of Fallout 4. It’s helpful for changing content while in-game, but might be used to cheat. It can’t be utilized in Survival mode or in the game console versions.
So as to access the console, you’ll have to use the key suitable for your language (as shown in the list of console keys).
The HUD will disappear and you’ll find a prompt (– |) at the lower-left corner of the screen where you can enter controls as listed below (The console will even bear in mind any previously entered commands, which you can scroll through with the Up and Down Arrow keys). The game will pause while the console is open and the camera will freeze. An individual might want to edit the Fallout4_Default if the left side of the console isn’t visible. ini file in the setup folder. That is further wills move into the field of view. If you’re using one, to use the console fallout 4 does not need turning off an Xbox/PS Controller. Just use your keyboard, if you’re using a controller.

Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands Types Targets:

The controls are formated and will look in two forms:

  • target.command — Targeted commands. These will be recorded here with targeted or participant as target.
  • Targeted commands also work by choosing the target using the mouse or using prid prior to the command.
  • Control — Untargeted commands.
  • Some controls will be noted in Order to both be utilized either With a goal or causing a targeted or global effect.

Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands Targets:

Commands that are targeted will require mention as goal By the dot, as noticed Prior to the control in between. For nearly all purposes, a Form ID will be necessary. For Instance, if you want your player character (PC) to be the goal, you can:

  • Use the PC’s benchmark ID: 00000014.
    • Example: 00000014. Add item 000D83BF — Adds 1 Pipe Wrench into the inventory of the PC.
  • Left-click on the PC (while the console is available You’ll Be Provided a cursor objects/characters on earth to click to select Them as goals ), in the console’s header ” 00000014 [EP] will Appear, indicating your PC’s ID. You can input any Without having to go into a goal targeted command Preface it with your ID that is chosen. To deselect your goal, Click it on and it’ll vanish from the header.
    • Example: add item 000D83BF
  • Selecting things in difficult environments, and scroll wheel Choice: left-clicking and Pointing might not pick the Expected thing when in the presence of things, or in a crowded environment Whose boundaries extend beyond their borders that are visible. When in doubt, Check the choice with console commands that are non-destructive:
    • After trying to click on an NPC, the inv (show inventory) control is a handy validator. If a plausible Inventory is shown, it is possible that the NPC was selected.
    • After trying to click on an random item, the control modes z 1 Can be used to raise the altitude of the item that was chosen by one unit (a few pixels for local items; less for more distant things ). If the item that is desired moves upward, the choice was successful. Whether successful Or not, always the impact of the command by using the control modes z -1 before doing anything else. (If the thing shimmers or is fuzzy following modes z -1, that could be fixed with a command that won’t move the product, such as modes z 0)

    Rotate the mouse scroll if the item was not selected Wheel to pick the item That was clicked; the ID shown at the top/middle of this will Change with every increment of rotation. (If the pointer is inside the Console place, that’s unrelated to, although the text can scroll the ID shown. Additionally, when using the scroll wheel to scroll the console Text, recall the dual purpose, because after scrolling of the wheel, The thing you selected is currently selected, which may result in terrible mistakes.) For each new As the wheel is rotated ID that appears, use one of the choice Verification procedures discussed above until the item is found.

  • When the ID of the product is already known, the ambiguity of mouse choice can be prevented by using the control grid 00000014 (Pick Reference ID) to pick a goal (the player character, in this instance ). To deselect it, simply enter paid.
    • Example: print 00000014; additem 000D83BF
  • In the case of the player character, you can really just use “participant” as a benchmark ID That the console will automatically convert Upon executing the command to 00000014. This is the only such Placeholder in the sport, “targetID” is only a placeholder on this Page, to indicate commands that require a goal.
    • Example: player.additem 000D83BF

100+ Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands:

Command NameSyntaxDescription
countdownshipcountdownshipThis command will start the countdown for Aurora's dark matter reactor/self destruct timer - it will actually explode after the countdown.
explodeshipexplodeshipThis command will explode the Aurora's dark matter reactor.
restoreshiprestoreshipThis command will restore Aurora to its original form (pre-explosion) - radiation will be present.
startsunbeamstoryeventstartsunbeamstoryeventThis command starts the Sunbeam story event, skipping the countdown.
sunbeamcountdownstartsunbeamcountdownstartThis command will start the countdown of the Sunbeam - which is 40 minutes and displayed in the top right of your screen.
precursorgunaimprecursorgunaimThis command starts the event in which the Quarantine Enforcement Platform shoots down the Sunbeam.
playsunbeamfxplaysunbeamfxThis command is similar to the precursorgunaim command (in which the Quarantine Enforcement Platform shoots down the Sunbeam), but plays the second half.
infectionrevealinfectionrevealThis command plays the animation in which your character realized that the are infection with the Kharaa bacterium.
forcerocketreadyforcerocketreadyThis command prepares the end-game Neptune Escape Rocket - which allows it to be fired without impairing the QEP (Quarantine Enforcement Platform).
itemitem [item name] [amount]This command can be used to spawn items into your inventory, relative to the provided item name and amount.
clearinventoryclearinventoryThis command completely clears your inventory - everything in it will be deleted (forever).
spawnspawn [item/object/creature] [amount]This command spawns the specified item/object/creature in front of your character, relative to the specified amount. The command spawn seaglide 2 would spawn two seaglides in front of your character.
curecure [range (meters)]This command cures your character and creatures within the given range (in meters) of the Kharaa Bacterium.
infectinfect [range (meters)]This command is the opposite of the cure command - it infects your character and all creatures within the given range (meters) with the Kharaa Bacterium.
playerinfectionplayerinfection [stage]This command changes the progression of your character's Kharaa Bacterium infection. To cure your character of the Kharaa infection, use 'playerinfection 5'.
subsub [submarine]This command spawns a submarine next to your character - use 'sub cyclops' to spawn the Cyclops, and 'sub aurora' to spawn the Aurora.
filterwaterfilterwaterThis command will cause all WFMs (Water Filtration Machines) across the game to produce Large Filtered Water (skipping the usual 15 minute time it takes to produce Large Filtered Water).
filtersaltfiltersaltThis command will cause all WFMs (Water Filtration Machines) across the game to produce Salt (skipping the usual 7 minute time it takes to produce Salt).
vehicleupgradesvehicleupgradesThis command instantly provides you with all common upgrades/modules for your vehicles.
cyclopsupgradescyclopsupgradesThis command instantly provides you with all upgrades/modules for the Cyclops.
seamothupgradesseamothupgradesThis command instantly provides you with all upgrades/modules for the Seamoth.
exosuitupgradesexosuitupgradesThis command instantly provides you with all upgrades/modules for the Prawn Suit.
exosuitarmsexosuitarmsThis command gives your Prawn Suit every possible arm:
Propulsion Cannon
spawnlootspawnlootThis command spawns a collection of resources:
Copper Ore
Silver Ore
4 Metal Salvage
toolsloottoolslootThis command spawns a collection of tools:
Propulsion Cannon
Stasis Rifle
Repair Tool
madlootmadlootThis command spawns a collection of resources:
10 Glass
10 Titanium
5 Creepvine Samples
4 Computer Chips
3 Batteries
bobthebuilderbobthebuilderThe command applies the effects of the following commands:
This command also adds the following items to your inventory:
Habitat Builder
Survival Knife
Repair Tool
resourcesforresourcesfor [item]This command will add the resources required to craft the specified item to your inventory.
encyency [databank entry]This command can be used to unlock a specific databank entry - the name is case sensitive. Use the 'ency all' to unlock all. The entry name is case sensitive and requires exact spelling with no spaces.
damagedamage [multiplier]This command can be used to set your character's damage multiplier - 'damage 2' would 2x (double) all damage your character takes.
instagibinstagibThis command enables or disables (toggles) Subnatuica's instagib mode. When enabled, any damage given or taken to creatures (and yourself) will result in death. This means that any creature your character attacks/does damage to will instantly die - and any damage your character takes will result in death.
invisibleinvisibleThis command makes you invisible to all creatures - meaning they will not attack, or even react to you.
filterfastfilterfastThis command vastly reduces the time all WFMs (Water Filtration Machines) take to filter water.
fastscanfastscanThis command vastly reduces the time it takes for the Scanner to scan, making it almost instant. It usually takes approximately 10 seconds.
fastgrowfastgrowThis command effectively removes the time it takes for plants (flora), meaning they will be fully grown seconds after being planted, regardless of the planter they are placed in.
fasthatchfasthatchThis command is similar to the fastgrow command - it removes the time eggs in Alien Containments take to hatch (an egg should take just a few seconds for them to hatch).
fastbuildfastbuildThis command removes the time it takes for modules to be built with the Habitat Builder. Resources will still be required/taken, so often players will use this command with the 'nocost' command (which allows for free use of the Habitat Builder).
nocostnocostThis command removes all crafting and building costs for the following devices:
Habitat Builder
Mobile Vehicle Bay
Vehicle Upgrade Console
Modification Station
noenergynoenergyThis command enables or disables (toggles) usage of power for vehicles, tools and Seabases.
nosurvivalnosurvivalThis command (when in Survival or Hardcore mode) will enable or disable (toggle) your character's need to consume food and water.
oxygenoxygenThis command will enable or disable (toggle) your character's oxygen requirements (meaning you no longer require oxygen to survive). This command will not save you from drowning if executed after your oxygen levels have reached 0.
nitrogennitrogenThis command allows you to stay underwater for longer, but in turn increases your risk of getting decompression sickness - which can result in damage to your character if you rise from high depths quickly.
radiationradiationThis command will stop your character from taking radiation damage, meaning you won't need a radiation suit in areas like the Aurora.
fixleaksfixleaksThis command is a cheat to automatically fix the radiation leaks occurring in the Aurora ship.
leakleakThis command should cause leaks in all Cyclops ships currently in the map, but it has been reported as not working, so it may not work as intended (or at all).
floodfloodThis command causes every Cyclops ship in the map to start flooding.
damagesubdamagesubThis command causes every Cyclops ship in the map to take 400 damage.
destroycyclopsdestroycyclopsThis command causes every Cyclops ship in the map to be destroyed, leaving the ships remains in their place (they cannot be removed).
restorecyclopsrestorecyclopsThis command will fix every destroyed Cyclops ship in the map, restoring it to less damaged state, allowing for it to be used/repaired.
vfxvfx [effect] [effect number]This command can be used to force visual effects to occur - currently the only effect it can be used with is cyclopssmokeeffect (values 0-1).
bubblesbubblesThis command spawns air bubbles around your character, which can replenish your oxygen levels.
seaglideseaglideThis command spawns a Seaglide in front of your character (without any power).
digdig [meters]This command can will remove all terrain within the given diameter (meters), effectively digging for you. It should be noted that this  can cause large changes  to the map (removing a lot of terrain), so take care when ucause irreversible changes - take care when using it.
unlockunlock [blueprint name]This command can be used to unlock a specified blueprint.
locklock [blueprint name]This command can be used to lock a specified blueprint.
unlockallunlockallThis command will instantly unlock all blueprints for your character.
unlockdoorsunlockdoorsThis command will instantly unlock all doors in the Alien Bases and Auroa. It should be noted that sealed doors will not be unlocked using this command (you need to use the laser cutter).Unlocks all doors in the Aurora and Alien Bases.
freedomfreedomThis command will change your gamemode to freedom mode, which is the same as survival mode, but your character will not require food and water to survive.
creativecreativeThis command will change your gamemode to creative mode, which prevents death, allows you to craft and build without the need for resources, and energy is not required for any vehicles, seabases, etc.
survivalsurvivalThis command will change your gamemode to survival mode, in which death and damage are possible. Water, food and oxygen are required. Resources and energy are required for building, crafting, using vehicles, etc.
hardcorehardcoreThis command will change your gamemode to hardcore mode, which is the same as survival mode, but will end the game instantly when the player dies.
daydayThis command will set the map's time to day.
nightnightThis command will set the map's time to night.
daynightspeeddaynightspeed [multiplier]This command allows you to speed up and slow down the day/night cycle. Use 'daynightspeed 1' to restore usual day/night cycle speed.
cinematicscinematicsThis command enables or disables (toggles) animations in the game.
debugsounddebugsoundThis command enables or disables (toggles) all sound in the game.
entresetentresetThis command will reload everything, expect for terrain, that is currently in the game. 'Reloading' will remove things like NPCs, outlaying objects and could cause irreversible damage to your save, so you should  save your game before using it .
gameresetgameresetThis will restore everything (the map, your character, etc) to the last save that you made.
farplanefarplane [view distance]This command can be used to change your view distance. Note that some users have reported it does not work for them. Use 'farplane 1000' for default view distance.
fogfogThis command enables or disables (toggles) the game's fog.
fovfov [desired fov]This command can be used to change your camera's field of view, the default is 60.
freecamfreecamThis command causes the camera to leave your character's body and freely move through the map. This command puts you in 'noclip' mode, which means you can move through any obstruction.
fpsfpsThis command enables or disables (toggles) your FPS (frames per second) showing.
nobloomnobloomA game restart is required for this command to be applied. This command removes bloom effects (can improve performance).
noshadowsnoshadowsA game restart is required for this command to be applied. This command removes shadows (can improve performance).
printbiomeprintbiomeThis command prints the name of the biome your character is currently within.
sizerefsizerefThis command will spawn a Wasabi One diver into the map at the piece of terrain you are looking at (you must be looking at terrain for this command to work).
speedspeed [speed multiplier]This command can be used to slow down or speed up the game. A multiplier of 2 would double the game's speed, 0.5 would half it.
targettargetThis command will toggle on and off the target debug screen.
schoolfishaischoolfishaiThis command will enable or disable (toggle) the AI of the Shoal of Fish.
vsyncvsyncThis command enables or disables (toggles) VSync (a graphics setting which syncs your FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor).
vrvr [mode]This command can be used to enter (or exit) VR mode in Subnautica. Use 'vr none' to disable.
biomebiome [biome name]This command will teleport you to the biome specified, see our list of Subnautica biomes for a list of biomes with their cheat IDs.
Warpwarp [x coordinate] [y coordinate] [z coordinate]This command will teleport your character to the specified coordinates
warpforwardwarpforward [distance]This command will teleport you forward by the distance specified - e.g. 'warpforward 40' would warp you 40 meters forward.
batchbatch [batch x] [batch y] [batch z]This command will teleport you to a set of batch coordinates, these are not the same as the warp command coordinates. For the batch X and Z coordinates, 12 is the center of the map and 18Y is sea level. The command 'batch 12 18 12' would teleport you to the center of the map at sea level.
warpmewarpmeThis command will return you the last vehicle you were in.
gotogoto [location name]This command can be used to teleport you to a specified location - e.g. 'goto gun' will teleport you to the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.
spawnspawnThis command spawns the specified item/object/creature in front of your character, relative to the specified amount. The command spawn seaglide 2 would spawn two seaglides in front of your character.
randomstartrandomstartThis command will put your character on a lifepod at a random start location.
killkillThis command will kill (suicide) your character and respawn your character in the lifepod - if used on the hardcore setting this will  count as a death .

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