Fallout 4 Curie: Vault 81 Area Companion

Fallout 4 has 13 potential companions in its gameplay that players can access while traversing the Boston Wasteland area or other combat zones. Each companion in Fallout has its own powers, skills, technical abilities and comes with its own quests and unlockable perks. Players can collect different weapons, armors, and other items during the missions with these companions. If you are looking for Fallout 4 curie details, then you are on the right page. All you have to do is to take advantage of Fallout 4 console commands and Fallout 4 cheats to max your affinity with the companion with the proper use of cheat codes, hacks, and commands. Let’s break explore the steps to improve your relationship with Curie which is the main focus right now.

Fallout 4 is not an easy game and required concentration, skills, and attention while playing. Curie is actually a French-accented Miss Nanny robot in Fallout 4 which was repurposed for conducting research in Vault 81. Vault 81 is the main area where players can easily interact with curie and recruit her for companionship after the “Hole in the Wall” quest that opens the Vault. You must have the knowledge to transfer Fallout 4 Curie from a robot into a female Synth body as part of a side quest.

Curie: Fallout 4 Robot Companion

Having Curie on your side in Fallout makes it easy for you while traveling in different combat zones in good or neutral choices. Curie has a kind heart and players can get her affiliation by giving various items to the poor’s, beggars, and children. She likes generous and kind hearted people. Fallout 4 Curie character likes nice responses, peaceful responses, and mean-spirited responses as she seems to like nice, positive ones, supportive people in the game.

To make a stronger bond with Curie, avoid actions or things that Curie disapproves of or hates. You will lose your relationship with Curie if you develop a chem addiction behavior while stealing items in her presence, or act violently.

History and Secrets of Curie

Fallout 4 Curie is an optional companion that can be found in Vault 81 after starting the Hole in the West quest. After releasing Curie from Vault 81 area, players can access the “Emergent Behavior” quest. Players can romance with Curie only after completing the Emergent Behavior quest to reach the highest affinity with her.

Players will get a Combat Medic perk that can heal 100 hit points per day if their health falls below 10% during the scary combat missions.

Curies Location, Perks, and Abilities

Players can find Curie in Vault 81 area. Below mentioned are some necessary steps that you must follow in order to find Curie:

  • Enter in Vault 81 area and met with Austin.
  • Talk with Erin and ask about Curie during the discussion.
  • Get Erin’s cat back in the reactor area and start Hole in the Wall quest to find Curie.
  • Players will find Curie in the room.
  • Ask Curie that you belong to Vault-Tec security and are here to rescue her and finish the quest.
  • Curie has a lot of ammo and weapons choices but is normally armed with a laser pistol and can protect you in short-to-mid range combats.
  • Curie is a student of medicine and science studies and can be your top choice partner if you are going with a low intelligence build.
Affinity Like Dislike
Selfish   X
Kind X  
Mean X  
Peaceful X  
Chem addiction   X

Where do you find Curie in Fallout 4?


Players can find Curie in Vault 81 area after starting the “Hole in the West” quest. Players have to first talk with Austin and then bring back Erin’s cat in order to reach Curie.

Can you Marry Curie Fallout 4?


Curie is basically a robot in Fallout 4 can players can transform her into a female synth body as part of a quest. If you help beggars and have a kind heart, Curie will surely like you.

How do you get Curie to like you Fast?


Avoid doing those things that Curie disapproves of or hates. She will dislike you if you are a chem addicted person, steal various items in her presence, or act violently with poor people, children’s or animals.

Is Curie a Good Companion?


Yes, Curie is a really good companion if you are going with a low intelligence build during the missions. Curie is a student of medicine and science and can be your top choice partner in various mid-range missions.

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