Fallout 4 Console Commands

If you are looking for the best Fallout 4 console commands and cheats that can turn you into a hundred-foot tall monster, you are on the right page. The Boston Wasteland can be yours to command that is full of Fallout 4 cheats, and hacks. Beware of the virus addicted files as some websites will hack your data after downloading the files in the name of Fallout 4. You can download Fallout 4 and instantly teleport the commands according to the requirements anywhere on the map. There are more than 50 mods in the Fallout 4 interface such as Caesar’s New Regime, NCR Rearmament, Advanced Thermal Recon Night Vision, Spice of Life, and Advanced Recon Stealth Armor. The more you have mods, the more armors you can have in the armors menu. You can also resurrect Elder Maxson when you realize that you’ve killed him for no good reason. Below mentioned are the Fallout 4 console commands that you can have for hacks and cheats.

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Fallout 4 Console Commands Cheats & Tricks

tgm –  God mode

tcl – This command means no collision, walk through walls and walk into the sky.

tfc – Activates free camera resources

tfc 1 – Same as above, you can freezes and manage the animations. Great for screenshots.

tm – Tm stops you from seeing the console Toggles menus and UI on and off. It even, so you’ll have to press tilde and type tm again blind to get the UI back

csb – You can reset players blood and damage effects with csb

fov [first-person FOV] [third-person FOV] – Change the FOV

To progress more, set the timer to [insert number here] – Speeds up or slows downtime. The default setting is 16. 1 which is the real time, 10,000 is a crazy spectacular time-lapse. Be sure to look when time’s on fast forward because the sun and the moon actually bounce across the sky.

coc [cell id] – It will guide the player to an area

Example: coc RedRocketExt

How to change your character with Fallout 4 console commands?


Showlooksmenu Player 1 — you can change your look after opening the character customization menu. You’ll want to have your character’s face centered on screen for this one. player.setrace [race id] — Change your race, speed, command ability such as ghoul and mutant. Find race IDs with the help function. It has some side effects as most races make it crash. Example: player.setrace GhoulRace player.resethealth – You can reset your health with this command

How to do Fallout 4 Console Commands?


To initiate the Fallout 4 commands, press the tilde key on the keyboard, in the top left corner beside the “1” key. If the tilde doesn’t work on your keyboard, you may require the apostrophe key instead.

Can you Use Console Commands Fallout 4 Xbox One?


You can use the Fallout 4 commands console on Xbox One, PS4, and PC’s. You can pull off some impressive tricks in “Fallout 4” as it is a debugging mode that can be exploited in later stages. Simply press the tilde key (~) while playing to enable cheat codes. A popup window will be in front of the screen where you can enter the commands for the corresponding cheat.

What is God Mode Fallout 4 PC?

Tgm is the old God mode in Fallout 4 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC’s. You can make yourself invisible after turning on the God mode. You can enable and disable tgm (God mode) in the console menu according to the situation.

How to Kill with Console Fallout 4?


You can kill evil creatures with the ID you supply through [insert ID]. Type the kill code (0017fda3) and see the magic, the feral ghoul I tested this on will drop dead. Click the NPC command after opening the console and type ‘kill”.

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