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Fallout 4 Affinity Console – Console command for affection

Fallout 4 Affinity Console: Affinity is a companion gameplay mechanic in Fallout 4. Connections can be developed by companions and some can request help. Each companion has values and a different personality. Dialog or actions that please 1 companion may displease another.

Raising the affinity dialogue is granted by value in the prospect of romance or their history. By reaching affinity with a 6, a perk will be unlocked. The value is a statistic, which means it isn’t possible to inspect the progress.

Fallout 4 Affinity Console:

Usually, all companies start at an affinity value of 0. If the affinity value reaches 500, they will”respect” the Sole Survivor and frequently reveal new dialogue. Raising their affinity to 1000+ (maximum is 1100) will lead to them”idolizing” the Sole Survivor, at which stage the Sole Survivor is granted their company perk.

The company will be displeased by lowering the affinity to a value that is negative, and they’ll issue the Sole Survivor with a warning, requesting manners to alter. If the value drops they refuse to travel with the Sole Survivor and will get angry. This choice is permanent.

For companions, dialogue that is new will be triggered when the value.

Some actions, like modifying firearms, picking locks, and entering power armor will raise affinity with certain companies and can be replicated indefinitely. Performing one of these actions said actions will activate the increases or decreases them with all. These responses have a cooldown period, meaning it’s not possible to execute the same action many times in a row. Until sufficient time has elapsed, entering power armor will activate 1 instance of acceptance. Most repeatable activities are of type CA_Size_Small, so it will only increase the company’s affinity by 7.5 to get a”like” and 17.5 for a”love”.

It’s, however, possible to get two or more instances of acceptance and to perform actions. (as an example, picking a lock and then hacking a terminal will grant two separate approvals from Deacon.) Similarly, every dialogue choice counts itself, independent of the remainder of the dialogue, so it’s possible to acquire enjoys and loves with the NPC in precisely the set of dialog. (as an instance, at Order Up, the Sole Survivor can obtain two enjoys from Piper by stating”You are both wrong” to Wolfgang, then agreeing to speak down Trudy.) To get a list of what displeases or pleases a company, see the companion page.

Fallout 4 Affinity Console

Use Of Fallout 4 Affinity Console:

Affinity can also be increased by having the Sole Survivor is followed by a company. The increase depends upon the affinity degree that is current and will be reduced. The formula for the growth is 40 – 0.033 x-ray value. (i.e. companions with 100 Affinity will acquire a 36.7 growth, companions with 250 = +31.75, 500 = +23.5, 750 = +15.25, 990 = +7) The affinity bulge is given after every ten-second period that the company has been after the Sole Survivor, on the condition that at least 1 XP was earned during this time. Assuming the above conditions are met and no additional activities are done to gain or eliminate affinity, this means it might take 520 minutes (8.67 hours) to achieve 1000 affinity with a company starting at 0; however, it might just take 160 minutes (2.67 hours) to achieve 500 affinities with a companion beginning at 0.

Certain companions are possible candidates for love and during the course of the affinity-based discussions, the dialogue choice to”flirt” will be available. At the maximum degree of affinity – and last conversation – that the”love” option will be available. Both options are address checks. Successfully flirting will lessen the difficulty of the romance that is last and passing which will produce the company a love interest. This will result in them addressing the Sole Survivor in a more affectionate manner (by way of instance Preston Garvey will call”Babe” or Danse will say”I always have time for you” when trying to speak to him). Additionally, sleeping in a bed together nearby will also grant the Lover’s Embrace perk.

Companion romances aren’t mutually exclusive; previously romanced partners will confer the advantages of the Lover’s Embrace if there is a company romanced. But some romanced spouses will”hate” or”dislike” flirting in their existence, such as flirting with Magnolia in The Third Rail.

Even if a person fails to love a companion, they still have opportunities to try this: after a certain quantity of time that the company will initiate a conversation regarding their connection with the Sole Survivor as their very best friend and from there the player character can attempt to love them if they would like to.

To finish a love, drop the company’s Affinity value. Till they tell they need to have a rest An individual can make this happen by doing. The progress can be checked by the Sole Survivor by using the control getav and then selecting them.

Fallout 4 Affinity Console

Fallout 4 Affinity Console Basics:

There is A shortcut to use the command modav. Pick the companion with the console and then use the control modav ca_affinity , with being the amount required to place the Affinity into 764. Do something the company dislikes, dropping it the maximum it could be to initiate the break-up dialogue and lowering the Affinity value. The action itself may initiate the dialogue, and if the Affinity worth drops from 750 + to under 750.

To resolve a love, raise the companion value back up to 1000+. An individual can use ca_affinity do something the company likes or loves to deliver it and for to 985.

Affinity could be put between 1100 and 1030 or hates, provided that the affinity value is following the action above 1000. They hated or disliked being noted by the message it will appear together with the message imagining the Sole Survivor is idolized by them. Very helpful for companions like Curie who have few affinity that is non-quest triggers.

Don’t use the ca_affinity control since it will stop all love choices and will stop the game from altering the affinity in the long run of the character. This effect is without altering the file, irreversible and persists on conserves.

Conclusion: Fallout 4 Affinity Console

Affinity at Fallout 4 is a measure of your Companions approval of your choices. High Definition contributes to safeguarding their Companion Perks and Romance Choices.

Technically, affinity is a celebrity value beginning at 0. and is maxed out at 1000. It will be suspended, while the company in question will attempt to converse to the survivor when affinity reaches 499, 249, 749, and 999. This could be the beginning of pursuit or about how they love you. Sometimes until the pursuit has progressed sufficiently, the affinity will continue to be suspended.

An organization’s affinity will grow the survivor traveling and them. This increase isn’t declared like the activities but may be observed.

In addition to the classifications shown below, there are additional specific actions that affect affinity, typically related to approval or disapproval of specific Factions.

The following is a look at in sports companion effect. Notice that Dogmeat has 100% natural affinity and isn’t swayed by your in-game choices. Notice that the chart is a principle, and your partners will respond differently according to the context of your own action. By way of instance, for being generous if someone does not like you, that does not mean if you’re being generous towards them or those they 34, that they won’t appreciate it. For more details check the companion’s page out.

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