Fallout 4 Far Harbor

Fallout 4 far harbor is a DLC in Fallout 4 along with 5 other DLCs. This is one of the best DLC mods which can be found in Diamond City. Players first have to meet Nick Valentine in order to get a quest Far From Home. You have to take all the necessary information with Nick and then proceed the mission. Fallout 4 is a very complicated, difficult, and tough survival game. You must know all the Fallout 4 Cheats to complete all the missions or quests. For example if are unable to find Nick, you can use player.moveto 2f23 cheat code in order to track Nick.

Nick Valentine can be anywhere in the surrounding area. Far harbor is considered as the toughest Fallout 4 DLC. All the elements such as the game ending based on your peaceful and violent actions. Make sure you have also met with Kasumi if things do not seem to branch out.

Explore the Far Harbor Area

After the meeting with Nick Valentine, start your Main Quest in Far Harbor with peace and calm otherwise all side quests will be disappear. Try to maintain the relationship with the residents of Diamond City. Focus on the 3 factions in Diamond City and you ca explore more skills in the base game. With the proper use of charisma gear that is a speech check, with the residents will help you a lot.

Always keep the best available Fallout 4 mods, Fallout 4 companions in your team in order to safe journey. If you do not want to travel back to commonwealth area, you can safely store many crafting materials, weapons, fallout power armor in workbenches.

Always Choose the Best and Lightweight Armor Suit

Do not wear Hazmat suit in the “The Fog” area that can drain your HP level to just 1% and also give low damage resistance while facing the enemies. Rad-X is the solution in Hazmat area to protect yourself from enemy’s attacks even without power armors.

Players can also use mods in order to customize their armor suits like you can wear gas mask and can protect yourself from radiation resistance. Far harbor is located in a very large area and Far Harbor itself is a city in that island. You have to explore all the areas one by one from west to south by following Fallout 4 Map.

  • Players can solve growing conflicts between the synths, children of atoms, and civilians in the town
  • Far Harbor is the largest DLC in Fallout 4 which can give you another 20 hours of gameplay
  • It adds an extra touch of landmass, expenditures, and areas in it to explore
  • You will find new weapons, many elements with updated items, armors, and costumes
  • Player’s will enjoy a whole new gaming experience after exploring this DLC
  • More creatures and enemies will appear in Far Harbor DLC. You will surely collect new weapons and armors for your trophy cabinet.

Is there any way to Get Rid of the Fog in Far Harbor?

The players should be well aware of fallout 4 console commands and cheats in order to complete this game. You can disable all the fog by pressing the console command “setfog 0-1” and it will disappear very quickly.

How to Find Far Harbor Fallout 4?

To start your quest “Far From Home” in Far Harbor’s Diamond City, you have to first meet with Nick Valentine. Just open the pip-boy and click the radio tab and listen all the instructions.

Is Far Harbor Worth it?


Far Harbor is considered as one of the best DLC in Fallout 4. Player’s mission will start from Diamond City after a meeting with Nick Valentine. You will face various enemies in the largest island of Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 VR vs Fallout 4

It’s been 10 years since the release of one of the most iconic games of all time Fallout 1 and it is still fans’ favorite game. Fallout 4 was released in 2015 after getting positive reviews in modding communities and Fallout 4 VR was also released to provide an unimaginable gaming environment to the fans. Actually, it’s a masterpiece created once in a decade. Players can take longer jumps by using their action points and can move in short bursts too. Fallout 4 gives 2 options to its fans. They can choose standard real time fighting combat and turn based VATS features to calculate your odds of success after the enemy specific body parts.

Fallout 4 VR supports visual reality environment factors and shines during conversations, on the other hand, Fallout 4 favors cinematic cuts based on a fixed camera. With the induction of VR technology in Fallout 4, it seems that you are talking to the real characters. You can feel the characters by their odor, during conversations, and judge the characters easily.

Fallout 4 VR Mod

F4 VR has some improvised weapons and armors in its gameplay with some added evil creatures too. Sometimes, it’s really hard for players to aim at enemies with exotic and stylized weapons. Targeting the enemies with the help of VATS is more difficult instead of a mouse in a simple game. The long spaces which F4 VR has can be fun to cover in VR format. Players can move quickly with weapons, ammo, teleportation systems, and other items.

In Fallout 4 VR, players can actually experience the post-nuclear era in a more fashioned and different way. Some players feel more relaxed on its VATS (Vive’s hand tracked touch controls) while moving and shooting. Its controls for Pip Boy’s Clunky interface are very bad and that is the thing that players have to look for in order to proceed in the game. In simple words, it’s really enjoyable if we compare its interface with Fallout 4 and when it comes to face to face with Fallout 4 characters or monsters.

  • The combat environment in Fallout 4 is mainly based on shooting and opposing opponents
  • If we compare Fallout VR with some other iconic VR shooter games such as Robo Recall or Superhot VR, it is not bad as it looks functionality wise
  • Players will have to face some eyeballs and blood continuously spraying at them during the missions
  • The sense of presence or interacting with other characters is not up to the mark because players hands aren’t modeled unless you use as for them as a source of weapons
  • Like Skyrim VR on PS4 V, players cannot pick up items and move around fast as they can in simple gameplay
  • Its interface has some cool VR features too like the compass below the player’s sight, which can let you take in a stunning around view without tracing of floating HUD.

Fallout 4 VR System Requirements

Players will have to maintain the minimum system requirements in order to access Fallout VR.

  • OS: Minimum Windows 7 up to Windows 10 with 64-Bit
  • Processors: Your system should have a fifth-generation system such as i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 or a better version
  • Ram: Your RAM should be at least 8 GB
  • Hard Drive: Minimum 30GB of space needed in order to play
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, AMD RX Vega 56 or above

Fallout 4 Horizon: All Details About Fallout Horizons

Fallout 4 horizon mode contains thousands of changes if we compare this to a basic game. This mode maintains the basic elements of the fallout 4 series like survival, exploring, and crafting, etc. this mode maintains the interest of the user due to its unique features and structure. To sustain the interest horizon build around the survival gameplay but we can also be played without this. There are different difficulty modes in the fallout 4 series that users can play according to their skill level and the horizon is one of them. horizon mod maintains the survival mode also makes fallout 4 more challengings .horizon can be applied along with any hard mode. 

Fallout  4 Horizon and Its Architecture

This mode uses an excellent type of architecture. in this mode use of an automated garage system and marina provide the godown structure look. you can also enjoy the cargo bot system with the help of the cargo bot system you can transfer items via supply lines. In this structure, the power system doesn’t require architectural light.

Weapons Used in F4 horizon

Horizon mod adds different and new weapons in fallout 4. Also reduces the damage of weapons and modifies lots of weapons. this damage does not change in automatic firing mode. The super mutant weapon gives high damage. we can also loot different weapons, food, energy drinks, and first aid kit which increase our health in case if we get damage.

F4 Horizon and Its Versions

There are different versions of fallout 4 horizons in Fallout that players can access.

The latest version of fallout 4 horizon is V 1.7.6  1.8.0. Every version brings a lot of variations and different updates. This updation maintain the user interest and the user doesn’t get bored to play the basic and traditional game styling every updation contain a lot of changing and modification that sustain the suspension and interest. The latest version of fallout 4 contains amazing features like, Like new companion weapon, a new method to crack the lock, etc.

  • V0.999e
  • V0.999d
  • V0.999c
  • V0.999b
  • V0.999

Cargo-Bot | Fallout 4 Horizon 

With the help of a cargo bot system, you can carry more weight.it is very useful to carry heavy and more weight. We can also update the cargo bot which increases the storing capacity. Cargo-bot system covert the junk item back into your settlements. the cargo-bot system can use any location using the consumable device. to use this we have to interact cargo bot in inventory.

Desolation Mod | Fallout 4 Horizon

Desolation mod makes the game more challenging and difficult and balances the setting. desolation mode makes the game much like a survival game.  this mode does reduce the loot of the game that increases the level o tougher on the horizon.

There are some features of desolation mode.

  • Iron Defender: helpful in defense with rank.
  • Vans: gives the bonus perks to reach your up level.
  • Survivals: provide you survival-based items to craft.
  • Hunter: permit you to accumulate meat from creatures and animals.
  • Medic: provide your medical supplies to craft.

What is Horizon Fallout4?


Horizon is actually a trap for players who wants to conquer this game. It consists of a large scale overhaul that expands the gameplay from the ground up to the next level. Players will notice hundreds of modifications, redesigned systems, and new versions in it to balance each element.

Can Settlers have Babies Fallout 4?


Yes, everyone including sole survivors can have babies in Fallout 4. Every player can have only one baby at a time but can second baby too if advance the time in the game.

Does Fallout 4 have Survival Mode?

Yes, Fallout has survival mode too in its gameplay. It’s a unique mode as compared to other modes. It is even known as survival difficulty and was added in Fallout 4 gameplay in 2016.

How do I make Fallout 4 more Challenging?


You can make Fallout 4 more challenging if you increase its difficulty level but then you must have more ammo in order to kill the evil creatures. It costs you more time to reload for other quests.

Fallout 4 Builds & All Mods

The Most encourageable thing about Fallout 4 builds is that there is no default way to play. Everyone has complete freedom to choose their own at their fingertips. You can grab your guns and run to shoot with accuracy in this Game. If you want to be king of stealth, put your efforts in the correct stats, use a King stealth boy, and start to sink in. Every condition requires your decision-making skills and personal preference to get through it.

Most play most enjoyable games and have playstyles and character builds, and today we will be discussing these. In Fallout 4 builds, seven initials statistics play the most influential role in your build. Every point triggered towards your all statistics will determine the outcome of your playstyle deeply. The maximum points statically are ten. But it can be sum upon different points. But Some point is below, and additionally, you can manage you target points using a “S.P.E.C.I.A.L” Strategy.

Fallout 4 Builds for Characters

This is the best gaming technique to build their interests. Therefore Fallout 4 Provides a type of mod in the shape of builds. However, the fallout 4 builds are described below.

There are 2 types of fallout 4 builds.

Classic Builds

  • Melee Master
  • Master of Stealth
  • The Sniper
  • The Noob

Creative Builds

  • Insane Killer
  • The Ninja
  • The Terminator
  • Wasteland Settler

Melee Master: In this build, the melee lovers use the perks to add the moving target, idiot savant, and big league. And also take Lifegiver, Toughness, and Medic. Once you add the perk or bonus to your levels, you will be able to run your fallout 4 armor and your fallout 4 weapons.

Master of Stealth: This is a primary build to take at least two ranks for silencers.

The Sniper: This build is used for distance shooting and for a stable in fallout 4.

The Noob: This build for beginners because do not be overwhelmed by Fallout 4.

The Fallout 4 Planner S.P.E.C.I.A.L Points are below:

  • Strength

Physical power that you can measure as raw effect depends on how much you can carry and damage all melee attacks. It affects carry weight and Melee Damage. You can make Fallout 4 power armor to protect from small to large weapons.

  • Perception

Perception is a term of measurement of your environmental and conditional awareness. It affects your weapons accuracy and in vault-tec-Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S).

  • Endurance

Overall Measurement of your physical fitness called Endurance in Fallout 4 builds. It Directly affects your Level of Health and the draining of points from sprinting.

  • Charisma

Your’s ability to charm and convince others. It strongly affects your Successful persuasion in dialogue and prices when bartering and the max numbers settlements of Populations.

  • Intelligence

Your overall mental acuity measures your intelligence. It affects your XP earned points and on the easier hacking prospectus.

  • Agility

Agility measures your complete fitness and reflexes in different ways. It affects your action points and sneaks abilities.

  • Luck

Your suitable fortune measures luck and It affects the rate for recharge and the rate of critical hits.

What is the best build in Fallout 4?


There are many builds in Fallout 4, but naming the best build is very difficult as every build has its own attributes and power. But Classic Builds & Creative builds are the best builds in Fallout 4 according to various modding communities that are fully unique builds.

Can you get laid in fallout 4?


Yes, You get laid in fallout 4 using a subway tunnel called “The Third Rail.” It all depends on the player’s abilities, weapons, and powers that he interacts with other Fallout 4 Companions.

Can I get every perk in fallout 4?


Yes, you can get every perk in fallout 4 using your Builds. All you have to do is to collect as many mods and weapons as you can to collect maximum perks.

How to open perks in Fallout 4?


In Fallout 4 you can easily access your perks, and then you can open your pip-boy then press the indicated button at the bottom. That will divert to the perk chart.

Fallout 4 DLC: All Expansions Details

Fallout 4 is one of a kind game that even after a decade people fall in love with this after watching its gameplay or trailer. Its developer Bethesda has released many Fallout 4 DLC updates to engage the audience. These updates have received many accolades or positive reactions after their implementation in the gameplay. It still a question that which DLC is better after comparing them with other Fallout 4 mods.

With the proper use of Fallout 4 console commands, players can easily proceed in the next phase of the game. These Fallout 4 DLC can be worth a look if your main goal is to collect them and keep them safe in your wardrobe or settlements. Below mentioned are the DLC’s of Fallout 4.

  • Automation
  • Wasteland Workshop
  • Far Harbor
  • Contraptions Workshop
  • Vault-Tec Workshop
  • Nuka-World

List of Fallout DLC Trophies

Players can access many trophies in the DLC version after completing the missions. It has overall 85 trophies from which 66 trophies are bronze, 17 are silver trophies, 1 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. Keep in mind that the base game has overall 51 trophies and the DLC packs contain 34 trophies. Some of the main trophies are mentioned below:

  • Mechanical Menace
  • Headhunting
  • Restoring Order
  • Robot Hunter
  • The Most Toys
  • Docile
  • Instigator
  • Trapper
  • Far From Home
  • Where You Belong & Many more

Fallout 4 DLCs Ranked

Fallout 4 has 6 expansions for its DLCs. Let’s explore them one by one.


Automation is the first expansion in Fallout 4 for players to access. Players will surely need this expansion if they want to build ally robots from fallen parts that players collect and mainly focuses on the player’s ability. It has different variations and you can customize the expansion according to your choice, combining different armors by installing Fallout 4 weapons, different elements, and settlement works.

Wasteland Workshop

It is the second expansion of Fallout 4 and you can easily catch the evil creatures and raiders with this expansion. You can keep the prisoners in cages, that’s the main ability of this wasteland workshop DLC. Players can design deadly traps such as saw blades and other things to keep them trapped in your prison.

You can turn the robots into powerful companions because the expansion adds value to your newly designed robots to compete on the battlefield.

Far Harbor

Far Harbor DLC is the third expansion in Fallout 4 from which you can experience a whole new gaming world. With this expansion, you can solve growing conflicts between the synths, children of atoms, and civilians in the town. Far Harbor is the largest DLC in Fallout 4 which can give you another 20 hours of gameplay. It adds an extra touch of landmass, expenditures, and areas in it to explore.

You will find new weapons, many elements with updated items, armors, and costumes. Player’s will enjoy a whole new gaming experience after exploring this DLC. More creatures and enemies will appear in Far Harbor DLC. You will surely collect new weapons and armors for your trophy cabinet.

Contraptions Workshop

Contraptions Workshop DLC and wasteland workshop DLC are almost similar in terms of expansions. Players will be able to add new constructions of robots, builds, armors, and weapons with these contraptions DLC. You can design robots that can automate the crafting process really fast.

Mass production of weapons, ammunition, bombs, and eatables is only possible with this DLC. Track kits, elevators, conveyor belts, logic gates, and sorting machines can be designed with this DLC. You can even run a factory full of weapons with the proper use of weapons.

Vault-Tec Workshop

It is another construction oriented DLC. Players can design their own vault with the help of a vault-tec workshop. Utilize the space in your area by decorating new furnished and interior designing elements, walls, stairs, or room that is possible to design. It comes with the new quests in terms of construction for designing your vault.

Nuka World

Nuka World DLC is the last expansion in Fallout 4 which mainly focuses on the forgotten old park Nuka-World. With the help of this DLC, you will be able to lead the gangs of The Pack, Disciples, and Operators. With the introduction of new weapons in the Nuka-World, your adventure will be really easy because of the certain ranks of S.P.E.C.I.A.L perks.

You will eventually end up adding new bonuses named 3 Quick Hands so that you can attain 10 extra action points. You can also increase your hip-fire damage up to 5% with a 3 Steady Aim.

How Many DLC are there for Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 has a total of 6 DLCs in its gameplay. All the DLCs have different values, benefits, weapons, armor, and elements that players can try to build their own fate.

Which Fallout 4 DLC is the Best?


Far Harbor is the largest and best DLC in Fallout 4 as per various modding communities and fans. It gives you another 20 hours of gameplay with stunning visual graphics, areas to discover, weapons, and armors.

What Level should I be for Fallout 4 DLC?

Every DLC has its own value and attribute. To achieve them, players have to meet the minimum requirements such as level 15 for Automation DLC, level 20 for Far Harbor DLC, level 30 for Nuka-World, and so on.

Fallout 4 Curie: Vault 81 Area Companion

Fallout 4 has 13 potential companions in its gameplay that players can access while traversing the Boston Wasteland area or other combat zones. Each companion in Fallout has its own powers, skills, technical abilities and comes with its own quests and unlockable perks. Players can collect different weapons, armors, and other items during the missions with these companions. If you are looking for Fallout 4 curie details, then you are on the right page. All you have to do is to take advantage of Fallout 4 console commands and Fallout 4 cheats to max your affinity with the companion with the proper use of cheat codes, hacks, and commands. Let’s break explore the steps to improve your relationship with Curie which is the main focus right now.

Fallout 4 is not an easy game and required concentration, skills, and attention while playing. Curie is actually a French-accented Miss Nanny robot in Fallout 4 which was repurposed for conducting research in Vault 81. Vault 81 is the main area where players can easily interact with curie and recruit her for companionship after the “Hole in the Wall” quest that opens the Vault. You must have the knowledge to transfer Fallout 4 Curie from a robot into a female Synth body as part of a side quest.

Curie: Fallout 4 Robot Companion

Having Curie on your side in Fallout makes it easy for you while traveling in different combat zones in good or neutral choices. Curie has a kind heart and players can get her affiliation by giving various items to the poor’s, beggars, and children. She likes generous and kind hearted people. Fallout 4 Curie character likes nice responses, peaceful responses, and mean-spirited responses as she seems to like nice, positive ones, supportive people in the game.

To make a stronger bond with Curie, avoid actions or things that Curie disapproves of or hates. You will lose your relationship with Curie if you develop a chem addiction behavior while stealing items in her presence, or act violently.

History and Secrets of Curie

Fallout 4 Curie is an optional companion that can be found in Vault 81 after starting the Hole in the West quest. After releasing Curie from Vault 81 area, players can access the “Emergent Behavior” quest. Players can romance with Curie only after completing the Emergent Behavior quest to reach the highest affinity with her.

Players will get a Combat Medic perk that can heal 100 hit points per day if their health falls below 10% during the scary combat missions.

Curies Location, Perks, and Abilities

Players can find Curie in Vault 81 area. Below mentioned are some necessary steps that you must follow in order to find Curie:

  • Enter in Vault 81 area and met with Austin.
  • Talk with Erin and ask about Curie during the discussion.
  • Get Erin’s cat back in the reactor area and start Hole in the Wall quest to find Curie.
  • Players will find Curie in the room.
  • Ask Curie that you belong to Vault-Tec security and are here to rescue her and finish the quest.
  • Curie has a lot of ammo and weapons choices but is normally armed with a laser pistol and can protect you in short-to-mid range combats.
  • Curie is a student of medicine and science studies and can be your top choice partner if you are going with a low intelligence build.
Affinity Like Dislike
Selfish   X
Kind X  
Mean X  
Peaceful X  
Chem addiction   X

Where do you find Curie in Fallout 4?


Players can find Curie in Vault 81 area after starting the “Hole in the West” quest. Players have to first talk with Austin and then bring back Erin’s cat in order to reach Curie.

Can you Marry Curie Fallout 4?


Curie is basically a robot in Fallout 4 can players can transform her into a female synth body as part of a quest. If you help beggars and have a kind heart, Curie will surely like you.

How do you get Curie to like you Fast?


Avoid doing those things that Curie disapproves of or hates. She will dislike you if you are a chem addicted person, steal various items in her presence, or act violently with poor people, children’s or animals.

Is Curie a Good Companion?


Yes, Curie is a really good companion if you are going with a low intelligence build during the missions. Curie is a student of medicine and science and can be your top choice partner in various mid-range missions.

Fallout 4 Cait: Combat Zone Cage Fighter

Fallout 4 Cait is a very powerful character that can be found in Combat Zone. She was born in 2261 and is from Irish ancestors. In Fallout 4, she runs away twice to save her life. Her parents beat and yell at her in a normal routine due to which she made her mind run away. Her parents broke her leg when she tried for the second time. Due to the constant abuses, misbehave, and yelling, she became convinced that she was a mistake. On her 18th birthday, her parents slapped a shock collar around her neck and later sold her.

She was a piece of entertainment slave for the next 5 years in her slavery. Because of hard life experiences, she became a cage fighter to pursue the life of her dreams and to provide funds to everything she needed the most. Due to the extreme torture, violence, hatred, and pain, she lost her life because of severe injuries she sustained during slavery. Fallout 4 Cait was one of the best cage fighters and proved too tough for its opponents to beat.

Interesting Facts about Cait

Fallout 4 is all about finding the best Fallout 4 Mods, Fallout 4 console commands, power armors, adventure, action, and killing of evil creatures in the game. Players have to compete with different characters in combat areas in order to collect their weapons, shields, and valuable items.

  • Cait is one of the best Fallout 4 companions that has excellent skills in locksmithing of locked items and can help you to open any locked item.
  • Cait had a very hard life in her early years. Her parents abused and torture her without any reason due to which she tried to run away from his home, and apparently lost her second leg in the second attempt.
  • Cait is considered one of the best cage fighters in Fallout 4 and is not easy to defeat during the fight.
  • Because of her early life experiences, Fallout 4 Cait is a borderline sociopath and spends most of her time stealing things, making threats to players, and always pushes quest givers to fork over extra bottle caps on her.
  • Because of her personality, Cait can’t be the best companion to players because she has no place for mercy, compassion, kindness, and nobility in her books even if it works in her favor.
  • Cait has a very gentle heart for children and animals. She is even considered as the easiest character in Fallout 4 to please. With the help of Fallout 4 cheats, players can max her affinity level.
  • The worst thing about Cait is that she is chem addicted. During the game, any chem the players gave to her will be gone all in vain because she will use the chem even before the day is done.

Fallout 4 has almost 13 companions in its game and players will find it funny to have her around. Cait loves short-range guns, chems, and alcohol a lot. Cait is a very emotional, interesting, violent, and alive character. Each time the players will use drugs, the more you will Cait on your side. With Cait on your side, players can solve any quest and mission in a violent way.

How to get Caits Affinity up?


Fallout 4 Cait is a mastermind in collecting various locked items that can be beneficial in defeating the opponents. Players can max the affinity level of Cait with the help of Lockpicking Perk.

How to get Caits Quest?


Cait is one of the 13 companions that players can choose in Fallout 4. Players can find her in a combat zone in the Greater Boston area. Players have to talk to a character “Tommy” in order to trigger the option to recruit the Cait.

What does Cait Love?

Cait is one of the most interesting characters in Fallout 4 and loves chem. Apart from chems, players can impress Cait with alcohol and criminal activity such as pickpocketing.

Can you Marry Cait Fallout 4?


Players can romance with Cait after following the Benign Intervention quest by passing a medium Charisma. Confessing your love, positive feelings towards Cait can make your relationship stronger with her.

What does Cait hate?


Fallout 4 Cait does not like peaceful and generous players around her. She will hate you even if you have a kind heart for the poor, animals, and needy persons. She only likes violence and bloodshed because of her behavior.

Fallout 4 Cheats, Secret Hacks and Console Commands

If you are looking for the best Fallout 4 cheats and console commands to complete the hardest missions that can turn you into a monster or evil creature, you are on the right page. Fallout 4 is not an easy game and you can cover the Boston Wasteland area that can be yours to command. You have to kill various creatures with the help of these cheats and hacks. There are tons of websites on the internet that offers virus addicted files in the name of Fallout 4 and you will eventually lose all of your data after downloading the files.

You can download the Fallout 4 versions as per your choice and instantly teleport the required commands, cheats, and hacks according to the requirements anywhere on the map.

Fallout 4 Ammo Codes

Fallout 4 is full of different creative mods and has more than 50 mods such as Caesar’s New Regime, NCR Rearmament, Advanced Thermal Recon Night Vision, Spice of Life, and Advanced Recon Stealth Armor are some of the top-notch mods in the game.

The more mods you have, the more armors you can have in your menu list. Players can also resurrect various characters with the help of Fallout 4 cheats after their demise when you realize that you’ve killed them for no good reason. Below mentioned are a few commands, hacks, and cheats that you can during the missions.

Access the Fallout 4 Hacks, Cheats, and Console Commands

Fallout 4 is an action pack horror genre game. It is considered one of the most difficult games of all time. Once you use the Fallout 4 cheats codes, you will be addicted to these cheats. The use of these cheats will become a never process after your addiction to compete with the evil creatures.

  • Open the Fallout 4 Cheats in the menu section
  • Then enter the player.additem [item code] [amount] cheat code to access the them
  • Replace your current [item code] with the correct item code that you will receive from the list of cheat codes in the guide. Check the number of items you’d like to have in your inventory.
  • tgm –  God mode
  • tcl – This command means no collision, walk through walls and walk into the sky.
  • tfc – Activates free camera resources
  • tfc 1 – Same as above, you can freezes and manage the animations. Great for screenshots.
  • tm – Tm stops you from seeing the console Toggles menus and UI on and off. It even, so you’ll have to press tilde and type tm again blind to get the UI back
  • csb – You can reset players blood and damage effects with csb
  • fov [first-person FOV] [third-person FOV] – Change the FOV

Console Commands for NPC Players

Fallout 4 also has commands, cheats, and interesting console hacks for non-player console systems (NPC). All you have to do is just track the cheat codes in the player’s menu list to keep yourself busy until the radiation finally dissipates. You can easily track certain commands and options or if you want to know more about how they work, type the “help” button in the console command window and follow the instructions. Below mentioned are commands for NPC players.

  • Tdetect: Turn off all AI detection
  • Tai: Toggle non-combat AI for NPCs
  • Tcai: Toggle combat AI for NPCs
  • TargetID.sexchange: Switches gender of targeted NPC, prone to bugs. A list of target ids for NPCs is here
  • TargetID.tc: Toggles control of the targeted NPC. Use with player.tc to stop your own character from moving at the same time
  • TargetID.kill: Kills the targeted NPC, as long as they’re not essential
  • Killall: Kills all non-essential NPCs and creatures in the vicinity
  • Kah: Kills all hostiles in the vicinity
  • TargetID.resurrect: Return a dead targeted NPC to life
  • Player.moveto TargetID: Moves you to the stated NPC or item
  • TargetID.moveto player: Moves the stated NPC or item to you
  • Showbartermenu: This allows you to barter with NPCs

Are there any cheats for fallout 4?


Yes Fallout 4 has hundreds of hidden cheats, hacks, and console commands in its gameplay. After the use of these cheats, everyone will fall in love with these shortcut cheats to achieve their goals.

What are the console commands for fallout 4?


Players can use various console commands to defeat the enemies during the gameplay. With the help of these commands, any player can become a hundred feet monster or can achieve God Mode too.

How do you get god mode in Fallout 4?


Access the menu section and simply press “tgm” to achieve the god mode in Fallout 4. Some of the Fallout 4 cheats are simply too amazing to play with. These hacks will make your journey in the game really easy.

What is the best gun in Fallout 4?


Nuka-Nuka Launcher is considered the most powerful gun in Fallout 4 which can be found in Nuka-World area.

Top 10 Fallout 4 Armor List

Fallout 4 has plenty of different armors to offer to all the fans around the world. Each armor has its own specifications and mods limit in the Boston Wasteland. Fallout 4 is the best mod experience made for the current generation of video gaming lovers as the Fallout 76 and the wide array of bugs plaguing the MMO user experience. Fallout is series of high-end combat series of the Fallout long-running franchise. Fallout 4 nexus & Fallout 4 New Vegas places and provides heavy combat missions and the player can expect to face different evil creatures of wasteland denizens.

To compete in the missions, you surely need safety armors to protect yourself from your enemies. There is a huge list of Fallout 4 armor during the game as per the Fallout 4 mods community. To complete the mission, it’s really important to equip the player with the best available Fallout 4 armor for any given situation. Many of these armors can bear the hardest hit as there are many some of the strongest weapons in the later missions. 

Fallout 4 Armor Mods and Locations

Below mentioned are the 10 best armor suits that a player can use to defend from the scourges, enemies, and weapons of the Boston Wasteland.

  • Army Fatigues And A Fedora
  • Combat Armor
  • Synth Armor
  • Marine Armor
  • Destroyer’s Armor
  • Grognak Costume
  • T-60 Power Armor
  • Silver Shroud Costume
  • Freefall Legs
  • X-01 Power Armor

F4 Armor Guide and Mods

Fallout 4 Combat Armor

Fallout 4 combat armor is the best armor in this game. This armor will protect the players in combat zones from enemy shots. It will also save the players from standard damage and energy-based damage.

Fallout 4 Synth Armor

Fallout 4 synth armor is similar to combat armor in terms of protection and safety but has more energy defense and a gaudier appearance. Only a synth soldier can wear synth armor as it counters their use of laser weapons.

Fallout 4 Marine Armor

Fallout 4 marine armor is one of the strongest armor and only those players can get this armor who has downloaded Far Harbor DLC. It boasts the player’s defense if players upgrade the set to the assault marine armor variant.

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor

Fallout 4 T-60 Power armor is one of the most iconic armor. It has excellent defense protection and is easier to find. It is one of the most customizable armor and can be repaired easily as its counterpart armor.

Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor

Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor provides the best protection in terms of defense. This armor nullifies radiation damage, physical damage, and lessens energy damage. Players can easily boost X-01 power armor stats and can customize it also

What are the Best Weapons in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 has small to heavy weapons to kill evil creatures and to protect yourself from them. Below mentioned are some of the top weapons used in Fallout 4.

  • Kellogg’s Pistol
  • Righteous Authority
  • Grognak’s Axe
  • Furious Power Fist
  • Le Fusil Terribles
  • Deliverer
  • Overseer’s Guardian
  • Big Boy
  • Cryolator
  • Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun

What is the Best Armor in Fallout 4?


As per many Fallout fans, T-60 Power Armor and X-01 Power Armor the best armors in Fallout because of their extensive use in close combats and Boston Wasteland. X-01 Power Armor is lightweight and easy to carry and has many features as compared to armors in the game.

How do you get the Best Armor in Fallout 4?


You can only get the best armors after completing few quests for the secretive Railroad organization. You can boost your defensive power with the help of armors. During the quests, you must have a mod to purchase the mod to protect the player from weapons and enemies.

Is Synth Armor Better than Combat?


Synth tops the list if we compare Synth and Combat armors. Synth armors can be upgraded and be given to your settlers, also it has a higher defense rating as compared to Combat armors and gives the best protection from heavy weapons in the game.

Fallout 4 Power Armor

Armors are specifically designed to protect the players from small to large weapons in Fallout 4. Power armor normally comprised of various materials such as a base frame and assorted armor pieces that were mounted on it. Fusion core is needed as a power source for power armor to be operational. With the passage of time, it drains over time, and because various quests and actions that consume AP will increase the rate of depletion. The unit will still be operable even after the depletion of AP power, but the movement can be tracked and is heavily restricted as it is dead weight. For Fallout 4 power armor, you have to complete various missions and quests.

You do not need special training to use Power Armor in Fallout 4 as it requires in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 New Vegas, which is a unique aspect as compared to other sequels. Separate armor segments are also mounted on base frames in Fallout 4, as opposed to previous armor suits that existed as holistic items that were worn without the helmet. You can also collect the individual armor pieces in Fallout 4 Bobbleheads stands from deceased persons during quests.

Types of Power Armors in Fallout 4

There are 11 types of power armors that you can use to complete the quests and to protect yourself from heavy weapons. Here is the complete list of Fallout 4 power armor:

  • Empty frame
  • Raider power armor
  • T-45 power armor
  • T-51 power armor
  • T-60 power armor
  • X-01 power armor
  • Leveled power armor
  • CC-00 power armor Creation Club
  • Hellfire power armor Creation Club
  • X-02 power armor Creation Club
  • Horsepower armor

Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor

Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor is the rarest and is the best defensive armor in this game. It will totally nullify the enemy’s laser guns’ radiation damage, reduce enemies’ physical damage, and energy damage at the same time. Players can customize and modify it to boost their base stats, lessens action point consumption, and heal player injuries too.

Players can get this armor in the middle of the game and have the necessary resources too in order to repair this armor. It can protect you from various enemies’ attacks in Boston Wasteland’s area.

Fallout 4 T-45 Power Armor

Fallout 4 T-45 Power Armor is the first armor that players can choose after leaving the Sanctuary location. T-45 Power armor provides substantial protection to players from enemy attacks and is remains active in the Boston Wasteland area. It can be tracked during the “When Freedom Calls” mission.

Fallout 4 T-51 Power Armor

T-51 Power armor is a mechanized form of armor that was used before the Great War. This armor was introduced for the first time in the battle of Anchorage and is highly recommended because of its defensive protection shield. It can increase the player’s protective capabilities and save them from enemy attacks.

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor is one of the toughest armor in this game. The defense protection of this armor is undeniable and it can be tracked easily as compared to other power armors.  It can be easily customized according to the mission and can be repaired when needed. It is lightweight and can be beneficial in terms of less weighted armors.

Fallout 4 Raider Power Armor

Raider minibosses mostly use Fallout 4 Raider Power Armor and are thus considered as the weakest armor in Fallout 4. After competing with an enemy, players cannot extricate the corpses from armor. Just repair the damaged parts and use them on a suit that you already have.

How to Make Power Armor in Fallout 4?


First of all, you must have mods to claim different mods in Fallout, and to be able to upgrade or construct your Power Armor, have a base frame and a power source. To initiate the process, you have to wear the power armor first, walk towards the station, and press the action button. Your character will automatically walk out of the armor after the process.

How to Equip Power Armor in Fallout 4?


You can check your power armors in bobblehead stands or inventory. From there, you can add loose pieces to your inventory list or simply put the Power Armor on and equip the parts in your bobblehead stand. You can also equip power armor by putting your suit on the rack and then trade the loose pieces.

How Many Sets of Power Armor are in Fallout 4?


There are 4 types of Power Armor introduced in Fallout 4 that are T-45, T-51, T-60, and X-01. You can easily locate and find the power armors with the help of bobbleheads locations in Boston Wasteland and other areas.

What is the Strongest Power Armor in Fallout 4?


X-01 power armor is considered the strongest armor Fallout 4 which provides the greatest defense as compared to all other power armor featured in Fallout 4. But keep in mind, every armor has its own features, powers, and functionality. It also has a resemblance to the advanced power armor seen in previous Fallout episodes.

Do you Need Power Armor in Fallout 4?


Everyone needs power armors in Fallout to protect themselves from small to large weapons during the quests. They provide great shield and defense and also enhance the capabilities of the players during the quests or difficult missions in the Boston Wasteland area.